Ramblings Of A Ranger

By Dave C. Frederick
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Recounting unforgettable life experiences in service, Dave C. Frederick educates the readers about the importance of nature and the fulfillment one can acquire in environment and public welfare diligence.

Frederick was employed as a National Park ranger, law enforcement officer, firefighter, and an educator, and he also participated in backcountry patrols and rescue and recovery teams. His more than forty years of experience in environment and public service became the foundation of his dedicated connection with nature. Aside from the accomplishments he possessed as a park ranger and disaster rescuer, he was able to introduce the wild to his students every time he would encourage them to camp up with him in the forests. The close encounter of students with nature more often than not made an impact on their livesa goal Frederick aimed to attain.

Through Dave Fredericks written journal logs, he obtains a compilation of memorabilia, which now enables the telling, through his Ramblings of a Ranger, of his thought-provoking endeavor.

About the Author

Dave Frederick was born in Covina, California, and served in five National Parks for twenty-five years. He has worked as a coach, swim instructor and instructional aide for twenty-five years and taught elementary and middle school in California for twenty years. In his book, Ramblings of a Ranger, Frederick shares his close-touch experiences with nature.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 180