Ralphie Meets The Queen

By  Susan Pokorny
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A charming story of a puppy who discovers the Queen’s love of corgis, and decides to meet the lady in question. Ralphie doesn’t realize he faces a trip of over three thousand miles from the USA to achieve this. Nor that he’ll need to get on an aeroplane, which is no surprise given that he doesn’t know what an aeroplane is.

Helped by various friends that he makes along the way, our intrepid corgi makes his adventure-filled journey across that Atlantic. He meets some amazing characters such as the ‘aristocratic’ Sylvester who is bound for England ‘for some tiresome cat show, I’ve won every year so far. You would think that they could just post me the trophy instead…’

The book is full of humour and many touching moments, from Ralphie’s sad parting with his mother to seeing a petite lady standing beside a pond outside a huge palace…

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 66