Raise Your Sons And Daughters With Real Unconditional Love

By John Sangwon Lee, MD., FAAP
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Pediatrician John Sangwon Lee, MD., FAAP, has years of experience with parenting methods and children’s health in both America and in South Korea. With these combined experiences, and his own as a father, Dr. Lee puts forth Raise Your Sons and Daughters with Real Unconditional Love, a guide to raising children with kindness, empathy, and love. He describes in detail the types of love needed for parents to raise their children well, eye-contact love, physical-contact love, and focused-attention love. With his familiarity of American and South Korean parenting styles, he sets forth to create a shared foundation of parenting knowledge using the positive childrearing practices of both nations. Whether you are a new parent or already have children of your own, Dr. Lee’s in-depth explanations of newborn, toddler, child, and adolescent physical and mental health combined with insightful guides on how parents should handle difficult or new situations is an essential read.

About the Author

John Sangwon Lee, MD., FAAP, born and raised in South Korea, is an American Top Pediatrician and currently resides and practices in Connecticut in the United States. He serves in his local community as an assistant professor at the University of Connecticut’s medical school. His hobbies include golf, photographing, gardening, and he is the author of ten children’s books on kindness and caring.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 414