Raging Roots

By Rosa Barden
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A small town grimly hides its corrupt secrets as a mysterious woman seeks the identity of her father. Tara knows who her mother is, but if any of the towns residents know who her father is, they arent talking, at least not to her. A lonely church pastor falls under her hypnotic spell as two other young, single, and beautiful women try every trick in the book, including outright seduction, to attract his attention. James has been alone and celibate since his wife died, and although he has the comfort of his congregation, he still feels he is missing something. And a corrupt spiritual healer is performing perverse sex acts under the guise of banishing evil spirits while his unsuspecting wife continues to support and believe in his abilities. With this dynamic mix of plot and subplot swirling through her work, author Rosa Barden delves into the mindset and psyche of small-town religion and beliefs in Raging Roots, creating a suspenseful conglomeration of sex, shame, love, and fear.

About the Author

Rosa Barden is a retired vocational rehabilitation counselor who enjoys interior design and decorating, gardening, reading, and collecting dolls.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 96