Rabbit Ears To Cable: Journal Of Our Autism Family.

By Summer Nauss
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Autism exists in every country, every nationality, every religion, wealthy or poor, affecting everyone on this planet in some way. In this memoir, Summer Nauss sheds light onto the harsher sides of living with a child with autism, detailing the things most families just don’t talk about yet live every day. Nauss encourages parents of autistic children to express laughter along with their tears, showing that life with autism is not a death sentence to your family.

Buckle up with this crazy, sleep-deprived mother as she takes you on an incredible ride through her family’s autistic world with honesty and reality.

About the Author

Summer Nauss is the mother of two sons, and an autistic daughter. She has met thousands of parents of autistic children throughout the years as she has researched and studied autism to improve her daughter’s life.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 40

Customer Reviews

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Debbie bellotte
Loved the book

I enjoyed the book and it hit home with how my autistic son was and summer made it humor but very true

Awful Book

Very short read but nonsense from beginning to end. Author portrays herself as entitled masked as humor

Great book!

This journal is funny, real life and compassionate. It puts into perspective how chaotic life can get. It is heartwarming to know this family is making the best out of life and that they stick together through everything and that not everything has to be serious to get through life.