R And R

By Emily Doss
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About the Book

R and R is a detailed account of a womans romantic liaisons. Having been emotionally and physically abused by her husband for twelve years, Gloria finds relief in Stine, a consultant at her work. Stine is an attractive and intimate man; he is loving and affectionate, passionate about making her happy.

Each chapter shares various accounts of how she thinks about Stineher joy and wonder, as well as the doubts and fears of their relationship. Each of her souls insights are balanced by the raw sexual experiences the two share together. The explicit details of their experiences are a large bulk of the story, but they are also the symbolic presence of their true love for each other.

R and R is an open and honest account, one that flourishes with telling and conjuring feelings rather than bluntly speaking them. The work is a warning to readers about not only the involving depths and complexes of romance, but also the blessings that come from it as well.

About the Author

Emily Doss wroteR and R based on an experience she had in an abusive relationship and her fantasies about having a healthy, romantic, and fulfilling one. She has three children: Priest, Michael, and Mary. Emily received her bachelor of arts degree in social work, her masters in science and social work, and her doctorate in education. She enjoys sewing, traveling, biking, walking, and cooking.

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Published: 2008
Page Count: 52