Questions And Answers: A Playback In Two Minds

By Norman Elijah Dawsen
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Do you believe in love at first sight? Is there such a thing as soulmates? In Questions and Answers: A Playback in Two Minds, Norman Elijah Dawsen explores these and other questions through his own experiences. Until he met C.B. Bennett at a poetry reading, Norman did not have a favorable attitude toward love. When C.B. took the stage and revealed her heart through her poetry, her eyes locked with Normans and an instant attraction and bond ensued. Transfixed and drawn to one another by an unspoken attraction, Norman and C.B. embark on an emotional journey that is fueled by their passion for one another. Is it purely physical, or is it true love? Emotional, heart-warming, and tender, Norman Elijah Dawsen writes prophetically and poetically, captivating and seducing the reader into a realm of uncontrollable admiration and attraction at a level few people ever reach. His words command attention and address the topic of love at first sight in a raw and up-front way, making him a unique and powerful writer.

About the Author

A native of Georgia, Norman Elijah Dawsen currently lives in Savannah. He works as an apprentice electrician, and his hobbies and interests include fishing, hunting, weightlifting, and reading books by such authors as Stephen Hunter, L. A. Banks, Walter Mosely, and P. T. Deutermann.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 66