Put The Wind In Your Sails!

By Cathi Miller
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About the Book

In Cathi Miller’s book, readers will enjoy the light and humorous read while finding information for self-help. Using the analogy of sail boats having everything to get you through life, Cathi hopes her readers will gain the ability to see in life how everything is connected, and that smiles and laughter fulfill the dreams of our souls.

About the Author

Cathi Miller has been a nurse for over 14 years, of which a great part of has been working as a hospice nurse. Beside loving sailboats and the ocean, she also loves writing music. Her favorite past time is spending time with her family, her husband, her four children and her eight amazing grandchildren, and Cupcake, the Shi Tzu.

"You will sail through this breezy gem of a book; a metaphorical journey that will provide a chuckle and a lesson on boat anatomy. The author's zest for life is apparent and contagious! It will leave you feeling a bit wiser and lift your spirits as wind in a sail. I find snippets of her story popping into my head months later and it always brings a smile". C.A.Bosco RN, minor poet and potter.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 46