Pup In A Cup

By M. J. Panucci
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About the Book

Mary Jo is a little girl who loves dogsbut all of the dogs in her family love someone else the best. Then one day she sees a pup in a cup in the local pet store, and she falls in love. But is Mary Jo ready for the responsibility of dog ownership? Is the pup in the cup the one that will love her the best?

Paired with honest and beautiful illustrations by a young artist and animal lover, Pup in a Cup tells a true story about dog ownership. Told in the voice of the youngest family member, readers of all ages learn the joy, sorrow, and blessings that come with a dogs love. As she strives to prove to her parents that shes ready for her own dog, Mary Jo discovers the virtues of perseverance and familial love, and a little pup named Chica finds a new best friend.

About the Author

M. J. Panucci is a homemaker and metalsmith artist. A Pennsylvania native, she now lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband, Andrew. They have four grown daughtersAndrea, Nicole, Patricia, and Mary Joand two sons-in-law, Charlie and Marc. She was never a dog owner until two weeks before her youngest daughter was born, and it changed her life forever. She and her husband now help to transport rescue dogs to shelters. Her daughters are also dog rescuers.

The illustrator is a middle-school student who loves her family, animals, and art. She enjoys using her art to give endearing expressions to lovable creatures. She lives with her parents, Ken and Ronda, her brother, Kenny, and her cat, Missy, in Pennsylvania.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 28