Psi Invaders

By J. Patrick Conlon
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PSI Invaders is book two in the Psionics series. Aliens in a planet-sized spaceship are using mind-programming machines to turn humans into slaves. Six-year-old triplets, the daughters of Wendy Stevens, Katherine Warren, and Aiko Esteban, the three women who saved the solar system from a wandering sun, have to stop them. Nine six-year-old girls whose telepathic and telekinetic powers individually are many times greater than their mother’s defend Earth and the solar system. Their success is only the beginning of what could become a galaxy-wide conflict that can only end in the destruction of Earth or the aliens.

About the Author

J. Patrick Conlon was born into a military family. Since high school, he has been an avid reader of science fiction. Also, he learned many useful skills as a youth: to this day, he makes much of his own clothing. After graduating, he joined the Army and began a 24 year career there. He retired, attended college, and became a teacher. He taught 7th grade writing and discovered an interest and flair for writing, book production and poetry. He published some of his writings in Texas Voices and other places. After retiring from teaching, Conlon was hired at the local Veterans Affairs Medical Clinic to manage volunteers. He decided to write a short story for Science Fiction Magazine—but after several hundred thousand words—realized he had a novel.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 404