Proximity Theory

By Thomas A. Black
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John and Joan seem to have a comfortable relationship. Perhaps too comfortable John is feeling somewhat dissatisfied. Then he meets the enigmatic Jane, triggering a wave of introspection, challenging him to question his relationship with Joan. Joan is searching for her own illusive stability, admitting to John that she needs someone to make her whole. As Johns detachment grows, Joan forces a confrontation. John sees his relationship with Joan as hollow; she feels an encroaching sense of despair, exacerbated by her own personal demons. Is a resolution possible? In an intriguing character study, author Thomas A. Black explores the ways in which the actions of one individual may affect the lives of others.

About the Author

As a teacher, Thomas A. Black has had the opportunity to interact with a variety of people and to see the development and destruction of human relationships. This insight helped him to create Proximity Theory, his first published book. A native of Valparaiso, Indiana, who has called Indianapolis home for almost two decades, Black earned both his bachelor degree in chemistry and master of science in secondary education from Indiana University. Black is a member of the National Association of Science Teachers and the Indiana State Teachers Association. He includes among his interests sculpture, writing, and the love of his life, wife April.

Published: 2001
Page Count: 144