By Harry Woods
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In 1969, the last year of that tumultuous decade of change, a young football player receives an athletic scholarship to the University of Eastern Wyoming.

There, Saul Michaels, a good athlete and a better student, falls into a day-by-day pattern of classes, work, and football. The slow-paced school campus is an antithesis to the urban setting where Saul left his mother and brother.

He flourishes. As a freshman, Saul begins to stand out academically and athletically. It is all he could hope for, but there is a challenge ahead that will change his life forever.

Saul Michaels discovers who he is, and the transformation occurs when a boy athlete becomes a man.

About the Author

Harry Woods is a lifetime native of Michigan born in Detroit and has lived in Farmington Hills for the past twenty years with his wife, Myrna. A retired school administrator and teacher in the Detroit Public Schools, he has a Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, and Doctorate in Curriculum Design and Higher Education, Ed.D., all from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.

This authors first published work was prompted by a conversational remark regarding the Black Fourteen at the University of Wyoming in 1969.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 254