Property Owner's Sewer And Drain Guide

By Melvin Ladon White
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What do you do with a stopped-up toilet? Why is there water in the basement? Having to replace the pipes is a homeowner's worst nightmare. So how do you know when you can solve the problem yourself and when it's time to call a professional? Property Owner's Sewer and Drain Guide answers all the questions you ever had about your drainage system. Melvin Ladon White, an expert with years of experience, walks you through common problems and gives you guidelines to finding an honest and fair professional. In this book, you will find... - Tips on the best equipment to use for do-it-yourself fixes
- Answers to frequently asked questions
- Guidelines for which problems you can handle yourself
- Checklists for finding a quality professional Here is the book you have been waiting for! Property Owner's Sewer and Drain Guide, is written by a true professional. I had several plumbers and even a sewer line video crew in my house over an extended period, but we were still having problems. Mr. White's crew diligently worked the camera and drain cleaning equipment together. They were the first company to identify a piece of plastic pipe that had been wedged in the 'on property' portion of my cast iron sewer line. By working the camera and drain cleaning equipment together, they were able to remove the foreign pipe from the lateral and save us thousands of dollars since we did not have to dig up the front yard. This guide is a must-read document for every homeowner, property manager, and sewer and drain cleaning professional. This book evens out the playing field and gives the homeowner a chance to hire a plumber and feel secure that an honest, true professional will be selected. - James Brown, Broadcaster

Published: 2007
Page Count: 42