Properties Of Intelligence And National Security

By Median Hamie
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Properties of Intelligence and National Security

Since the time in the dark recesses of history, man has been in the cradle of curiosity. His phenomenal inquisitiveness came hand in hand with a desire to know, conquer and destroy, and create. It is in his nature to acquire knowledge, and to use that understanding in whatever way he sees fitbe it benign or otherwise.

As the creator of this book, Median Hamie delves into the intricacies of this need to know, which have developed and morphed into close-knit societies we now know as intelligence. Rummaging through the complexities of these shadowy institutions, Mr. Median Hamie takes us into a whirlwind tour of the peculiarand yet vitalexistence of these groups. He will accompany usas our personally guideinto the labyrinthine corridors of the intelligence mind.

Median Hamie earned a masters degree in Political Science and a Ph.D. in Anthropology. He was born in Lebanon and immigrated to the United States for nearly twenty-seven years. He hopes this book will be carefully read and used to improve the status of mankind all over the globe. This is a dream but can become a reality when we all work faithfully together, surpassing our religious indifferences and ethnic prejudices to make our world a better place.

Published: 2012
Page Count: 180