Professor Earth And The Banana Slugs

By Professor Earth
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What is a banana slug, and where do they come from?

As Professor Earth informs his curious student Sally, a banana slug is an animal sort of like a snail without a shell. The banana slugs live mostly in the coastal forests of California. The forests along the California coast can be dark and creepy. Some of the trees are as big around as cars! There are all sorts of different kinds of animals living in the forest.

What else can Professor Earth teach us about banana slugs?

About the Author

Professor Earth is a retired schoolteacher and lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, four fish tanks, and one terrarium. He enjoys gardening, watching movies with his wife, and walking in the outdoors. He is an avid volksmarcher.

About the Illustrator

Barbara Clarke always loved to draw. It was a passion and gave her enjoyment to sit and create something on paper or canvas. As she grew she became acquainted with teachers or artists who could help her in her ability to learn techniques and further her accomplishments. For the most part she is self-taught, but delights in helping others along their way by teaching what she has learned. She worked as a commercial artist when her family was young but these days she spends her artistic time working on illustrating children’s books and creating art journals.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 30