Pro-Hymns Vol. 2

By E.K. Williams
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Po-Hymns Vol. 2

Inspired by real-life experiences and fueled by emotion, Po-Hymns Vol. 2: Because Life Is Hard Sometimes is a raw and candid expression of author E. K. Williams’ existence as she navigated through difficult times. Originally intended as a means of releasing her thoughts without soliciting unwanted concerns or advice from others, Williams soon found that her poems not only helped her cope with hardship—they gave her strength. It is her hope that her words will help others overcome their pain and struggles as well.

About the Author

Born in 1980 in the Midwest, author E. K. Williams’ past is an interesting one. Growing up, she was a star pupil in school and always excelled at literature. Williams had her first child, a daughter, at age 17 when she was a senior in high school, and shortly after, she had her second daughter at age 19. Throughout the course of her life, Williams has experienced loss and a variety of abuse, but she has also experienced love and found her faith. All of these experiences combined with her passion for writing, began her journey of self-healing with pen and paper.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32