Prisoner Of Warfare: P.O.W.

By Apostle Jenette Taylor
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Every day people enter into a spiritual war zone without even realizing it. Prisoner of Warfare tells the true-life story of Apostle Jenette Taylor, who fought her own personal spiritual battle and offers wisdom and advice about how to counter the demonic powers that work against mankind. Although religious formalities are present in our society, they are overshadowed by the expectation that people should live according to the traditions of man rather than relying on the teachings of God. After years of living by mankinds traditions, Jenette was haunted by nightmares and struggled to cope with heartache, abuse, and loss. Finally, she turned to the teachings of God to help her fight her own spiritual battle and found peace and understanding. Religious traditions do not have to bind and imprison people. Instead they can be a simple way to live with trust and obedience in God. Jenette urges people to wake up from the deep sleep of misunderstanding and realize they already possess the power to conqueror lifes problems through their faith.

About the Author

Apostle Jenette Taylor is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She currently resides in Lansing, Illinois, and has five children: Scherone, Ramona, Amanda, Jessica, and Krystal. Jenette is employed as a pastor with WHOM Ministries. She was inspired to write Prisoner of Warfare in hopes that people will come to know God has already given his people victory in all of their battles through faith and that God will be there before and after every trial they encounter.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 50