Prince William: The Journey Begins

By Tienne Weyer edited William Weyer
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Prince William tells the tale of a young prince who was kidnapped at birth, and he embarks on a journey with potentially wide-reaching implications. Founded in part on what may be viewed as a fundamental conflict between notions of good and evil, the story traces Williams effort to undermine the Thieves of Delanburgh, who are tormenting the lands and people.

Being resigned to caring for himself for the better part of his life, William spends much of his time roaming from place to place and wood to wood. One day a magnificent wind seems to attract his attention and in a clearing, he finds four men, the smallest of whom says, The sorceress would like a brief word, my lord.

After meeting Amber, Lady of the Light, William learns of a young prince kidnapped at birth and wonders if it could be he. Amber leads him on a journey that will forever change him and possibly his world and many others.

About the Author

Tienne Weyer, born Tienne Taylor, lived in the Dalles, Oregon, and Lyle, Washington, during the writing of this book, where she derived most of her inspiration for scenes and character development. Although she has returned to Stockton, California, where she graduated from Lincoln High School and lives with her husband, William Weyer, and their four dogs, she misses the peace, tranquility, and inspiring nature of the Gorge and hopes to return there soon.

Even as a child, Tienne had a great love for learning, but as an adult it has become a passion to educate using her own life experiences as cornerstones for her writing. Tiennes greatest desire is to inspire critical thought and insight, self-evaluation, and personal development.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 66