Primordial Embryonic Afterbirth

By Josiah Hyder
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Two teenage boys are left at home by their parents who go out of town to get some rest and relaxation. Soon, there is an intruder who makes himself known to the oldest son, Robert Simpson. However, the rude, demanding intruder isn't human. He's a talking rat. And verbally abusive and threatening. The rat goes by Johan, and he quickly makes his demands known. The Simpson family will pay Johan and his multitude kind in mass quantities of food or Robert's family members are at risk of being hurt—or worse. The Simpsons must come together to get these filthy intruders out of their home, but the process must be tactful and ruthless.

About the Author

Josiah Hyder is thirty-four years old. He loves to write, as well as paint, sculpt, and write poetry. He’s always loved to read wild fiction stories, and he loves all kinds of books and movies; science fiction is his favorite. He’s the oldest brother of seven in his family. He lives in Austin, TX where he’s lived, worked, and made art most of his life. This is Hyder’s first novella.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 94