Priceless Memories

By Sushila Patnaik
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Priceless Memories is a memoir about how one family, by trusting in the Lord, overcame all of life’s hardships and complications, and built for themselves a life of love, support, and success. Growing up in Calcutta, India as part of a religious minority, Sushila’s parents instilled a strong Christian faith on her and her siblings in everything they did, from praying and reading the Bible before dinner to blessing each paycheck they received so the Lord could multiply it and make it cover all their necessities. Through life’s ups and downs, with children moving away to different countries and the family facing unspeakable tragedy, they made it through with God’s love and the love of one another.

About the Author

Sushila Patnaik was born and raised in Calcutta with her parents and six siblings. She received her B.A. and B.Ed. degrees and taught in India for thirteen years before immigrating to the United States with her mother and sister. In the U.S., she received her M.A. in Church and School Administration and taught first grade until she retired in 2018.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 186