Presumed Faithful

By Kelly Watterson
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Detective Boske finds herself in the midst of a failing marriage while investigating a series of murders. When her best friends daughter, Jennifer, becomes the next murder victim, Boske vows to avenge the murderer. As Detective Boske persistently tries to find Jennifers murderer, she finds that her husband had been having an affair with Jennifer. Detective Boske needs to find the truth of what happened to Jennifer, but the investigation becomes increasingly personal since it involves her best friend and her husband. Will Detective Boske solve the mystery of Jennifers death?

About the Author

Kelly Watterson has enjoyed writing short stories since she was fourteen. Now, in addition to writing, she enjoys reading crime novels, taking walks, and swimming. She has two children, Kallynn and Kamryn. She has earned bachelors degrees in management information systems and counseling and also holds associate degrees in business administration and crime scene technology. She now resides in Kittanning, Pennsylvania.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 68