Presley's Run

By Carol Blankenship
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Presley Sutton is headed to Colorado, specifically the small mountain town of Ouray. She’s sold her house, packed up all of her belongings and her chocolate lab, Ox, and sets out for the mountains. Recently widowed and her three children in college, Presley is starting over, and Ouray turns out to be a beautiful and welcoming refuge for a woman in turmoil as this is more than just starting over for Presley, this is running away. With engaging characters who come alive in their dialogue and interaction, Presley’s Run, is a woman’s journey from despair to hope to grace. Along the way, friendships are forged, relationships are deepened, and others falter altogether, but it’s a journey worth taking as Presley navigates a new life and the secret she’s brought with her.

About the Author

By day, Carol Blankenship is an operations and finance whiz. Any other time, she has her head in the clouds, writing stories. Presley’s Run is her first published novel. A decade ago, she moved to the Chicago area, but Carol’s heart and roots are in Colorado and Utah where she spent her childhood. While outdoor adventures are her favorite, fitness, writing and reading are her indoor passions along with yoga and the occasional crochet project. Carol has two grown children and lives in Chicago, splitting her time between the city and with her partner in the dunes of Northwestern Indiana.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 408