Prescription To Kill

By Elizabeth Sellers
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In a large teaching hospital in Dallas, Texas, the neurosurgery department has the usual mix of new and old interns with their usual mix of problems, but it also has a couple of unexpected and unexplained deaths.

Joan Murdock, first-year neurosurgery intern, cant save the life of a good friend whose death simply doesnt make senseor maybe makes too much sense....Next is a hospital pharmacist who perhaps knew too much....And then a grim attack on Joan herself....

The methods unusual; the motives chilling. Add to the potent brew a couple of torrid love affairs and a secret drug addiction, and somebodys got a...


About the Author

Elizabeth Sellers has been an R.N. working in Texas hospitals for quite some time. Here her intimate knowledge of the medical world creates a fully realized cast of characters who call a hospital their home away from home, and she brings the reader behind the white curtains to see what they see.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 258