Prescription Drugs: A Pharmacist's Guide To Cost-Effective Medicine

By Phil Parsatoon, R.Ph.
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The cost of healthcare in the United States continues to increase. During the past eighteen months, great attention has been placed on the high cost of prescription drugs. This was evident during the November 2004 elections. We are also constantly reminded of the rising cost by the media. Prescription Drugs: A Pharmacists Guide to Cost-Effective Medicine is a simple guide to educate American citizens on how to optimize their pharmaceutical care. By following the steps outlined, it is highly likely that you will also be able to reduce your monthly prescription bills for most chronic medications. It is very important that you as the consumer take an active role in your health.

About the Author

Phil Parsatoon, R.Ph., is a board certified pharmacist and is a healthcare consultant. He is a native of Guyana, South America, but he resides in Minnesota. Mr. Parsatoon has been a member of the AMCP since 1994, and his interests include golf, cycling and, of course, healthcare. This is his first published book.

Published: 2006
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