By Dr. Elizabeth James-Akpojosevbe
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In the short span of Dr. Elizabeth James-Akpojosevbe’s Christian life, she has discovered that many people generally do not know why they were created. Each one of us has a purpose designed for our life by God. Man does not exist by chance. Many believe life is about growing up, going to school, getting married, and getting a job and/or starting a business. However, Elizabeth has discovered in the course of her walk with God that each one of us has been given a glorious destiny.

Predestination: The Christian Experience is an insight into discovering the essence of being. Until one walks with God, one cannot discover that unique destiny that has been allotted to each. Hence a lot of people live drifting with the tide of life without meaning and direction. This book is unique because this topic is seldom addressed even in Christendom. Anyone who reads this book will find it compelling to know what their purpose in life is. It will draw people to God and will drive them to seek to know more about Him. The book will also enable the reader to re-order his priorities and be purposeful about their decisions for progress in life.

About the Author

Dr. Elizabeth James-Akpojosevbe was a television producer for 25 years in her country of Nigeria. She obtained her first degree in Theater Arts from the premiere University of Nigeria, The University of Ibadan. In 1998, she was transferred by her job, an international television outfit, to the United States of America, but after six months she got tired of TV work and decided to give back to society because she believes God has been good to her, so she became a social worker.

Her coming to the U.S. was God-ordained when God instructed her to commence preaching in the subways in New York, where she lives. This has been her passion and she has continued since then even while working. Hence she obtained her PHD in Christian Ministry.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 108