Praying For The Peace Of Jerusalem

By Douglas W. Kittredge
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Having the privilege to work with and caring for Palestinian and Messianic Jewish pastors for twenty-five years, Douglas saw the anguish and suffering of both Palestinians and Jews, and longed for reconciliation between the two groups. These pastors have become dear friends and both sides have suffered greatly from the injuries caused by the other side. Douglas experienced some of the hopelessness of a resolution, particularly from their political leaders. God promises that He will bring peace for both groups so they can genuinely reconcile with the other. This book is written to give hope for both Palestinians and Jews.

About the Author

Douglas W. Kittredge is a pastor who has engaged in reconciliation between Messianic Jews and Palestinian believers for over twenty-five years. The vision is to support the ministry of local Messianic and Palestinian congregations both in Israel and the West Bank. The roots of the conflicts in the region are not essentially political but are spiritual. The gospel of Jesus Christ alone can heal the fractures and conflicts in the Middle East. The author is a graduate of Wheaton College (BA); Westminster Theological Seminary (M.Div); and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (D.Min).

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 138