Politicians Gaslighting Americans

By Dennis Gravelle and Jack Young
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About the Book

Across this country, we seem to have elite politicians and big corporations telling us they should be trusted and that “We the People” should be little sheep and remain quiet so a new world order can be created. They don’t need our input since they already know what we want. Mainstream media programs always want to get the experts' advice, so they get high-profile politicians to talk down to Americans. It is sad because most of America has become brainwashed. That includes Democrat and Republican constituents. Several of us see through the lies and are becoming more vocal. This is a book where you, the citizens of this great country, tell everyone how we really feel about where this country is heading. Politicians should read this and understand that we are fed up with the lack of action from them. This book is easy to read; the chapters are not long enough to bore you. This book is dedicated to all those individuals who took the time to answer the questions I asked over several months.

This book covers current hot topics in America that are sure to affect our future. Basically, this book is by the people, for the people, and shares the opinions of the Soldiers that I interviewed. I am sure that Jack and I will be criticized by some for these topics. We don’t care; we must wake people up before we lose our basic rights and freedoms. These fed-up citizens who kindly agreed to be interviewed are Patriots, and without them, we could not have completed this book. Jack and I are just the conduit; everyone who shared their stories made writing this book for all people an amazing and rewarding experience.

About the Author

Dennis Gravelle and Jack Young are forming a minor political party in South Carolina called the Independent Constitutional Party. They feel you must be the one to stand out in front and be a leader in politics, rather than sit and complain.

Gravelle loves to golf, go on walks, going to the beach or watching a local band with a great friend Madeline. Trying different restaurants for dinner is also a great way to meet people, especially here in Myrtle Beach SC. As a veteran, he’s a local member of the VFW.

Gravelle has a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety and Emergency Management and a Master of Science in Leadership with an emphasis in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. After 9/11, he rejoined the military in the NY Army National Guard as a photojournalist service one year in Iraq writing stories about the amazing men and women Soldiers serving in a war zone.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 190

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Dawna Hadges
Great book

Very well written - it kept my attention and I hope you write anyone soon!!

Brandon young

Well written, easy to read book that tells people how it truly is!