Poker, Knives And Temporary Tattoos

By Dan Waller
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About the Book

Poker, knives and temporary tattoos: far more than a list of three seemingly random items. Instead, they are three footnotes in a larger story about the creation of ‘Game Faces,’ which has changed fanfare in college athletics as we know it.

Dan Waller’s honesty and admission of his obvious struggles throughout his professional journey make this a refreshing read, rather than a list of entrepreneurial accomplishments. Waller appreciates the difficulty in what he accomplished. His dedication to his own character development should provide hope to any who have a similar mission.

About the Author

Dan Waller is a successful entrepreneur who built an idea into a career. In discovering his passion for the college and high school sports temporary tattoo business, Waller has been able to pursue a passion based entirely on his own creation – an achievement many strive for but few achieve. Waller’s experience in athletics, as well as professional success as a poker player, prepared him for the struggles ahead with ‘Game Faces.’ After years of success, he’s eager to share his story, and hopes to help others with their creative process as they strive for greatness with their own one-of-a-kind idea.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 226