Poker Fat Takes A Vacation

By June Glass
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Poker Fat Takes a Vacation addresses the serious problem of child obesity in our society. The rising number of children who spend hours each day watching television tend to exercise less and snack moreparticularly on fatty foodsthan more active children. This book was written to expose young readers to the way fats can affect them both mentally and physically. June Glass gives some perspectives on the importance of controlling fat intake by explaining the functions of fat and cholesterol and emphasizing strong self-esteem. Poker Fat Takes a Vacation will stimulate curiosity and discussion and expose children to new concepts regarding healthy habits.

About the Author

June Glass is a native of Florida and the mother of two children, Rodney and Carlos Monk. She studied home economics education at Florida A&M University and is now a home base provider for HRS working in the community with children with handicaps. Ms. Glass also volunteers for the Ronald McDonald House and is the founder of I Am My Brothers Keeper, a local community group. In addition to writing, she enjoys painting, interior design, ceramics, and creative cooking. Poker Fat Takes a Vacation is her first published book.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 44