Poetry For Dummies

By Anthony P. Genardo
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Poetry for Dummies

The thing about poetry is that it enables one to directly address the heart of any subject instantly, and with less worry about other issues that go with other literary forms. Spontaneity speaks mostly of sincerity, especially in the most basic form of poetry.

In Poetry for Dummies, it is easy to see the straightest connection of words, emotions, and the thoughts Anthony Genardo brings out through subjects immediately accessible to all of us who meet with lifes issues daily, be it about the passage of time, nascent life, the stirring of emotions brought about by the seasons, and the like.

No need to sweat it out coming up with poems. Connect within yourself, bring them forth using forms of language, and presto! Or so Anthony seems to say.

About the Author

A retired New York City firefighter, Anthony Genardo is a thirty-year resident of Queens, NY City. He is married to Julia, and they have three children: Julie Ann (deceased), JoAnn Santa Lucia, and John Genardo. He is a member of American Legion, Knights of Columbus, and Rotary International. He enjoys crossword puzzles, chess, and fishing.

Published: 2012
Page Count: 30