Poetic Profiles Of The Minor Prophets: Depicted In The Old Testament

By   Dr. Brenda L. Taggart
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About the Book

Writings of the minor prophets comprise a large part of the Old Testament. These prophets were referred to as minor, not in reference to the role they played, as compared to the major prophets, but the content of the book they wrote. Each prophet was called individually by God and relayed the messages God gave them. Each had their own personality and relayed their messages in their own style. They were not always popular with their messages, as they were often harsh, as they confronted people with their sins warning of their coming judgment. Poetic Profiles of the Minor Prophets: Depicted in the Old Testament, written in poetic form for more pleasurable reading, will surely entice you to open your Bible and read more about these special men.

About the Author

Dr. Brenda L. Taggart was born in Pennsylvania but has resided in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the past 40 years. She enjoyed a successful career as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, working mostly with foster care children and special needs children. She gave many seminars to train workers. She also was an adjunct professor at two Christian colleges and a secular college. She was published in The Chittney Law Journal for her manuscript "The Challenge of Working with Victims of Child Abuse." Now retired and pursuing freelance writing, she had her first book, Poetic Praise published in December 2020. She resides with her husband and three Maltese. She has two sons, having lost her daughter in 2017 to cancer, seven grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren. Her hobbies are reading, writing, and taking photographs of her family and dogs. She is actively involved with her family and her church. Her favorite pastime is avidly studying the Bible, so as to continue with her writings in the realm of Christianity.

Published: 2021
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