Poems Of Love, Honor, And Humor

By Frank Cimperman
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Poems of Love, Honor, and Humor explores two of the most powerful aspects of humanity love and war. Frank B. Cimpermans heartfelt love poems give voice to the many joys and discontents of love, from the rapture of romance to sweet familial affection to the sorrows of heartache, while his collection of military poems gathered from war veterans sheds light on the complicated sentiments of fighting for ones country. Poems of Love, Honor, and Humor offers its readers an intriguing contrast of raw human emotion from the heart and from the battlefield that is not to be forgotten.

About the Author

Frank B. Cimperman is a former Marine and disabled veteran of the Vietnam War. As a member of the VFW and Disabled American Veterans, he believes that having faith in yourself allows you to do almost anything and, through sacrifice today, you can achieve what you want tomorrow. Cimperman lives in Pennsylvania where he enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening, and helping the less fortunate.

To know about love, honor and humor is the secret of life.

- Frank B. Cimperman

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Published: 2014
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