Poems From The Heart: Life's Trials And Triumphs

By Esteban Rodriguez
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About the Book

Esteban Rodriguez started writing poetry in 2015 as a way to get in touch with his feelings and emotions. He writes poems about different aspects of his life, including happiness, love, failure, depression, overcoming obstacles, and many more. He decided in 2021 to compile his works into a book as a way to inspire others to overcome their issues and find some meaning in life.

About the Author

Esteban Rodriguez was born in 1972 to a Puerto Rican family, in Gary, Indiana. The youngest of five children, he was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school from kindergarten through college. He was married in 1996 and is the father of four children. After his divorce in 2014, he started to attend therapy where it was suggested he start writing to get back in touch with feelings. After spending five years writing journal entries and poetry, he decided to publish a collection of his works.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 72

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Heidi Lenzini
Praise for new poetry author

The poems are deeply personal, detailing a life of turmoil, and admirable that this author chose contemporary style to express his emotions in the hope of inspiring others. Well done!