Poems From The Heart

By Inas El-Sabban
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With lyrical and descriptive words, Inas El-Sabbans Poems from the Heart focuses on the little things in life that we seem to take for granted as she gives us a glimpse at that which has had the most impact on her life. In Natures Cycle, she evocatively recalls emotions prompted by the changing of the seasons: Winter breeze, then springtime leaves. How summer comes and passes. The school year starts, do thump our hearts While in Friends, she shares her viewpoint on that most treasured of relationships: But what is the meaning of having a friend? Is it someone you fight with, someone you call? No, I think friends are friends Especially when theres absolutely nothing to say at all. Ending her collection with a series of Chinese Culture Haiku, she captures the essence of the centuries-old beliefs held by those of Chinese descent: Old Chinese Lifestyle Is filled with much loyalty To the elderly With her timeless observations, Ms. El-Sabban has shared her music of the soul.

About the Author

A native of Cairo, Egypt, Inas El-Sabban is employed as a program specialist for the U.S. Department of Education and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Educational Administration and Policy Studies at George Washington University.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 16