Please Dance With Me

By Nilu N. Gavankar
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This tale follows a young boy, Maruti, from his small-village upbringing and displacement in the big city of Mumbai to the underworld of the hijra, the third gender class of India. Marutis love of dance and cinema puts him at odds with his traditional mother, and he continues to struggle with issues of personal freedom and responsibility throughout his life. When he unexpectedly joins the hijra community as a blessed member, Maruti learns the magnitude of his transformation into Meera, how greatly affected he is by this new social and cultural distinction, and what that means for his future.

Please Dance with Me highlights the conflicts and commonalities between the religious and language groups of India and draws attention to an often ignored and discriminated class, the hijra.

About the Author

Nilu N. Gavankar has three previously published books in the Marathi language and one, Man on the Moon, in the U.S. with Dorrance Publishing Co. She holds bachelor of science degrees from the University of Bombay, India, and the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from the Golden Gate University, San Francisco, and has worked as a movie producer and director. The human suffering she witnessed during her childhood in Mumbai, India, has compelled her toward service and the championing of human rights.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 116