Playing With Color: Armchair Philosophy

By Annie Bellevue Kolte
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Annie Bellevue Kolte would classify Playing with Color: Armchair Philosophy as “word vomit.” Kolte employs a stream-of-consciousness style of writing to provide her the freedom to express herself through tangents that may or may not be related to the overall piece. Although coherent it may not be, it certainly makes for a compelling read, incorporating fiction, poetry, and insightful philosophies to keep readers on their toes. Kolte’s overall aim is to display her journey, to show that beginnings can be messy, shocking, inspirational, and thought-provoking. Armchair Philosophy is her first step into philosophical pursuits, sending the overall message that through perseverance, dedication, and love of writing, you can create something, even a messy something, but a something, nonetheless. Each beginning is difficult; no one is perfect at their first attempt, but Kolte places herself into the world to share her innermost thoughts and takes the first step towards growth and experience.

About the Author

Annie Bellevue Kolte is now employed part time after being unemployed for over a year and is currently seeking an in into volunteering for veterans. In the past, she has worked as a busser at a restaurant and acted as a dishwasher a few times. These jobs both had definitive systems, a more effective way of completing the work as well as ineffective ways. This acknowledgement shows Kolte’s affection for apophenia, the tendency to find meaning and/or patterns where there may be none.

In her spare time, Kolte enjoys watching crime TV shows. The darker the content, the more complex the relationships between characters, and the more intelligent yet sadistic criminals, the better. Additionally, she relishes in exploring the intersections of philosophy and psychology, philosophy and the demands of daily life, philosophy and philosophizing.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 202