Playin' For Gain, Payin' With Pain

By Donny A. Wise
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Life seems pretty good for Donny, better known as Cream. He has a steady stream of customers who buy weed from him, a string of women he tries to put aside when he falls in love with Toni, a beautiful luxury car, and a strong circle of friends. Despite it all, however, Cream finds himself wanting to escape the lifestyle, to do right, to leave the game. But when his customers start to stray to another dealer named Sonny, he cant ignore the affront. Agreeing to accompany a friend who plans to rob Sonny, Cream finds himself entangled in a turn of events that spells disaster. Slowly, everything that Cream achieved begins to crumble away. Playin for Gain, Payin with Pain is a deep, dramatic, and thought-provoking tale of one man coming to terms with the life he made for himself, of bad decisions and wise choices made too late, of having to hit the bottom before building oneself back up. Despite the hard road ahead of him, Cream learns he needs to put God first in order to change and have a successful life.

About the Author

Cream is a graduate of Eastern Technical High School and has completed coursework at Coppin State College. A lifelong resident of Baltimore, Maryland, he is the father of two and an active member of Greater Harvest Baptist Church. A featured writer for the independent magazine Encase, he enjoys writing poetry and watching all sports, as well as playing with his bulldog Rex. He also has dreams of becoming an aspiring actor.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 148