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By Gloria Bernard
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Pillar of Stone: Words that changed my life forever

Growing up under a seemingly suffocating cloud of fear and anxiety with a mother suffering from schizophrenia and a father struggling with alcoholism can wound the strongest of us, but with the help of loving friends and relatives throughout our life, we can emerge whole, powerful, and positive.

Pillar of Stone: Words that Changed My Life Forever follows a young woman, facing some bizarre events, as she makes her way through the unpleasant experiences and grows to be the best she can be. It is the author’s hope that the reader takes away the knowledge that despite hardship and individual struggles, there are always people around who care and who will help. Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams.

About the Author

Over the years, Gloria Bernard has been on the board of a major mental health organization in the Greater Seattle area. She has supported organization such as food banks, women in need programs, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Bernard enjoys oil painting, reading, and gardening. Her immediate family consists of son, Marcellus, and daughter, Crystal. She is still very close to two of her grade-school friends, Marge and Gloria (B) Weitman. Sharlene passed away in 2022. With a small amount of help, Bernard put herself through college where she earned a BS degree, then went on to graduate school, earning a master’s in business administration. Bernard is currently the Asset Manager for a family-owned business having commercial property in the Seattle area.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30