Pig Tales: A Modern-Day Story Of Three Little Pigs

By Robert Pardee
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The Reading Level: For children 8 and above and Adults of All Ages

Pig Tales is a modern day version of the old Three Little Pigs story, turned upside down with many twists and turns. It is about three new born piglets, two boys and a girl, who are born with a disease that stunts their growth. In spite of their disability they decide to work together and to help others, by calling themselves the Three Pigleteers. In one adventure they discover and rescue a orphaned puppy, who is adopted into the family and later becomes the fourth Pigleteer. Many surprises come to light when the Four Pigleteers must confront two bad actors in order to save each other from harm.

About the Author

Robert Pardee is a retired elementary school teacher. He spent 36 years working with children mostly at the fourth grade level. In retirement over the years he has volunteered to read stories to early elementary students in their classroom. Pig Tales is his second book. Mr. Pardee lives with his wife near Onsted, Michigan.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 66