Philosophical Theology

By Lonnie Phillips
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Philosophical Theology

Lonnie Phillips Philosophical Theology has been designed to bridge the divide within the Christian Church. What follows in the pages of this book and is, quite honestly, the very essence of this book is an attempt to present the facts about God as Phillips understands Him and what the author went through to get those facts and to also show that journey in order to substantiate Gods character and personality uniquely fashioned. It is as easy as substantiating the words that are written within the pages of this book. Just follow the story line.

Philosophical Theology collects praise poetry, sermons, theological essays, and autobiography to provide a window into Phillips unique understanding of God Yahweh, the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Angelic Realms, the entire Spiritual World, and all of creation. Lonnie Phillips writes, I imagine God expressing Himself to me, talking to me, and I take every occasion to listen. And he invites you to listen, too. Will you?

About the Author

Lonnie Phillips resides in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he is an advocate on behalf of those persons with mental health issues and substance abuse issues. He is a Certified Recovery Coach and looks forward to being trained as a Certified Peer Specialist soon. He counts himself highly qualified and capable, as he is an advocate with lived experience.

Phillips was born in James Mill, Arkansas, on April 1, 1953, and was raised in Sunsett, Arkansas, near Marion. He is a member of the St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church and is currently undergoing training to become an ordained deacon. He sits under the tutelage of Reverend Billy and Sister Elizabeth Burris, who are pastor and first lady of St. Peter.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 100