Phase I: "The End Begins Now"

By H. S. Pariseau
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Phase I: The End Begins Now by H. S. Pariseau was born from an ideaa solution to an enormously frustrating problem in the United States. There's a vast injustice in our justice system, whereby the taxpayers are required to support those incarcerated for the heinous crimes of rape, torture, and murder against our society. It sometimes seems as though the criminals have more rights than the law-abiding citizens in this country.

Although some states currently have a death penalty for these monsters, the appeals system has rendered it nearly useless, and with overcrowding of our prisons, many of these animals need not worry about meeting their maker any time soon. In many cases, even those receiving the death penalty live out their lives at the expense of the taxpayers.

Exasperated by the torrent of crimes that flood the news daily on TV and in the papers, Pariseau comes up with a plan he believes may repair our broken system. His method of bringing this plan to fruition makes this an intriguing journey for the reader.

About the Author

H. S. Pariseau is a native and resident of Massachusetts, who considers himself a regular guy who's lived a life full of amazing stories. To quote the author, I've made more mistakes and bad choices than 100 people. That I'm alive to tell about them is a story in itself.

Hopefully, he will choose to share more of his story in the future.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 190