Pewee The Peacock

By Gracie Rutz
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Grandma and Grandpa’s farm is a special place, a safe place that all can call home, where everybody is considered family—even Peewee the Peacock!

When Peewee discovers that he’s adopted, he embarks on a journey to find his real family. In time, will he discover that he needn’t look any farther than Grandma and Grandpa’s doorstep?

About the Author

Gracie Rutz is a student attending Tennessee Technological University. Her hobbies include being a part of Tech’s Equestrian Team, visiting her grandparent’s farm, writing, reading, playing the trumpet for the marching band, and drawing!

Rutz loves being an active member of the community and has volunteered at food pantries, animal shelters, and horse-back riding therapy centers.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 32