Pete The Peacock

By Leigh Ann Kaminski
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Pete the Peacock was not born with beautiful peacock feathers like all his friends. Instead of focusing on what he lacks, however, Pete focuses on others.

Pete is a great friend, and he helps his friends overcome their difficulties. In the end, his friends help him realize that by helping others he was given something in return.

About the Author

Leigh Ann Kaminski recently retired from teaching after spending thirty-six years in the classroom with a variety of positions which included special education, first grade, and fifth grade. Leigh Ann recalls that the best part of her day was when it was time to read to her students. She loved the discussions and lessons that came out of sharing a good book.

When Kaminski taught fifth grade, she had an artistically talented student who shared a book that she had illustrated for her cousin. Leigh Ann says the student thought she was teasing when she asked if she would be the illustrator for Kaminski’s book one day. The student sweetly agreed to it, but she never thought her teacher was serious. For Kaminski, one of the best things that came out of writing this book was reconnecting with her former student and now illustrator of this book, Anna Saholt.

Leigh Ann’s husband, Mark, and their three girls Kalyn, Anne, and Lauren encouraged her to begin writing children's books because they knew it was something she was interested in pursuing. In fact, they all had a hand in giving her ideas and suggestions for Pete the Peacock.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 60