Perception Of Joy: A Collection Of Inspirational Essays

By Jacinda Downing
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Author Jacinda Downing sees her book, Perception of Joy as encouragement for women of all ages who have been stripped of their identity and seduced by people who have taken over their lives as they know them.

Experiencing trials and errors of her life as a teacher, daughter, wife, and a mother, prompted Downing to write this book to help the women who need it most.

About the Author

Jacinda Ann Downing was born and raised in Lincoln, Delaware. She was raised by her mother, Helena Gibbs, and biological father, Sidney Burton, who later on separated. Although she was a child of a very young mother, not once did her mother regret having her. In the early part of Downing’s life, her mother married her stepfather, Hollis Gibbs, and they went on to have two daughters, Zabrina and Kristy Gibbs, an adopted son, Domere Crump Sr., and an adopted daughter, Lacey Pearson-Gibbs. Gibbs helped raise Downing from the age of five until his passing. Downing was taught to be tough and a fighter. She would never back down from a fight. In fact, she would pick the time and place.

Throughout school, Downing loved to play softball and field hockey. She graduated from high school in 1985. She then attended a local community college, Delaware Community College, for a couple of years. Downing faithfully worked in several different ministries involving the youth.

Downing spent the years of her second marriage in trial and error. She very much wanted to be a wife and a mother, spending these years trying to renew her marriage vows. The more she tried, the more it became broken. During this trial and error in her life, she picked up a pencil and began writing, expressing her thoughts and desires. It wasn’t until after her divorce in 2018 that Downing began to grab hold onto the words that were written on paper, then applying God’s written words to her life.

Downing is the mother of Michael Demarris Bowden, Paige Sierra Downing, and William (Chris) Downing.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 54