Pencil Stencil And His Friends: Book One

By David T. Rivera
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This charming little illustrated book for young readers gently addresses a common school fear: Pencil Stencil has left his math book in school and cant study for the big math test Monday morning! He asks his friends, Tommy Pen, Mr. Marker, and Sebastian Crayon for help, but none of them are able to help him. Finally, Mr. Highlighter helps Pencil Stencil see how to solve his problem, and the results are spectacular! Pencil Stencil and His Friends is something else, in addition. Its a cleverly designed counting book, too. Most of the pages present cheerful drawings of objects children will enjoy counting. And children who have ever wondered what a Number 2 pencil is have a delightful explanation coming their way.

About the Author

David T. Rivera was raised in Brooklyn, New York, and lived in Jersey City for more than thirty years. He now works for a paint company in Bayonne, New Jersey, and he is married with three children and five grandchildren. He is an active member of the United Methodist Church, and he loves drawing, fishing, crabbing, poetry, and writing short stories. Mr. Rivera was inspired to write Pencil Stencil and His Friends from observing his grandchildrens love of drawing, thus he concluded that a writing tool that is used to encourage children can also be a character we can learn from with a message that good is better than evil. Besides Pencil Stencil and His Friends, Mr. Rivera has also published Love of an Eagle.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 32