Pelli The Big Blue Pelican

By Barbara Shirley
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When Kai, a young native boy from Kaputa Island in the Pacific, stumbles upon an old lobster cage with a weak blue pelican trapped inside, he rescues him, and the two become fast friends. As they adventure in and around the sea, the duo gathers many friends—from Luna and Oona the dolphins to Cosmo the black and white humpback whale and more. 

But when Captain Claw and his pirates arrive on the island in search of gold, they capture all the islanders, including Kai, bringing an end to their adventures. Now, it’s up to Pelli and his sea animal friends to rescue Kai and the people of Kaputa and restore peace to their island home. 

Will they succeed in rescuing Kai and driving the pirates away from the island? With a clever plan and teamwork put in place, they simply can’t fail!

About the Author

Barbara Shirley is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She believes reading is magical and lights the spark of imagination.

Her hobbies include painting, golf, swimming, bicycling, theatre group, cards, and even yoga.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 34