Peace Of Mind

By Clara E. Garcia
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We are surrounded by evil in todays world; Satan has a firm grasp on our very beings and we are too blind to see it. But his presence is everywhere, and the symptoms are obvious greed, selfishness, violence, and a lack of Peace of Mind. It is this unsettled mindset that is doing the most damage to our souls, particularly when it is so easy to achieve Peace of Mind by simply renouncing the complicated ways of the world and returning to a simpler life, one in which God and his wishes for humanity are foremost in our minds. Encouraging her readers to look to Gods words in the Bible for guidance on how to extricate themselves from this tangled web we have created for ourselves, Clara E. Garcia expounds on the wicked state of the world today, bringing to light the symptoms of a society hell bent on destruction and explaining how only God can give us Peace of Mind.

About the Author

A New Mexico native, Clara E. Garcia is employed as the unit secretary for Whittier Hospital and the administrator for Garcias Boys Home. She and her husband, Alfred, share three children: Regina, Jerry, and Jennifer.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 30