Paying Off The Farm

By Tracy Lea Renna
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In the early 1900s, getting by could be an ordeal eased only by a strong sense of family, faith, and community. This was a reality for many, and has now been immortalized in print for the better understanding of generations to come. Stories collected from years of working with the public fall together into this humanist exercise, creating a period tale of both romance and coming of age. Albeit brief, this work packs a number of life-changing events to which any reader can relate. While conventional methods of scene description are eschewed, the typical round of character archetypes shines through: the saintly father, patient mother, dreamy teen and troublesome child. Figureheads of the traditional community abound, creating an almost utopian feel as they grow, interact, and come to grips with the advent of technology. Underneath it all, though, remains the theme that the world isnt kind or easy, a fact that makes itself known to the reader as the story progresses. Life itself has proven to be the inspiration behind Tracy Rennas writings and drawings. All that remains to be seen is where she takes her sense of artistry next. Fathers are like flowers
Give them love; it will show,
Give them water; they will grow,
Give them sunshine; they will glow.
Only God could create a fathers love.
Fathers are like flowers

Published: 2007
Page Count: 66