Patty's Best Friend

By Allison Marie Marchese
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About the Book

Poor Patty. She just moved to a new town with her mom, and she doesnt have any friends. Her mother tells her it might take some time to find some, but even as the days go by, she still has none. Then one day, Pattys mom tells her she has a surprise for her. Patty is so excited! They get in the car and arrive at an animal shelter. Patty becomes more excited when she realizes why they are there: Patty will be allowed to take one of the dogs home with her! She sees a cute brown dog with white spots and decides she loves him the most, so Patty names her new friend Vinnie. But Patty becomes devastated when she learns she has to wait five days before she can take Vinnie home in case Vinnies owner comes to claim him. What will she do if she cant bring her new best friend home with her?

About the Author

Allison Marie Marchese is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She resided in Astoria Queens, New York City, and now resides in Manchester, Connecticut. Having been a nursery school teacher and a special education instructor for many years, reading books in the classroom was a daily activity. The joy she has working with children was poured out into the writing of this book. Allison enjoys reading books; playing outdoors with her dog, Vinnie; and traveling. Visit the author's web site:

Published: 2008
Page Count: 16