By Maury Franklin
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Patrick tells the story of a runt Siamese cat.

Unloved, unwanted, and not exactly handsome, his family dumped him at the local animal shelter.

After being adopted by eleven-year-old Billy’s older neighbor, Mrs. Bushon, Billy and Patrick develop an extraordinary bond, and Patrick proves he’s more than just any ol’ cat. Patrick learns to do remarkable tricks and even saves Billy and his family during a break-in. Patrick’s story is an inspiring take for all the un-beautiful and unloved kids who have big dreams.

About the Author

Maury Franklin is a writer and corporate trainer who specializes in interpersonal communications, leadership and management skills, and maximizing human potential in the

workplace and your personal life. He has also taught arts and humanities at the collegiate level. Patrick is his second book for young readers on the development of unlimited human potential.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 78